Ghost Towns (10/09)

These photos are from a training ride that I did with my friends Johnston and Nick through the remnants of the Chemung mine and the ghost towns of Masonic and Bodie, California and Aurora, Nevada. The ride started at the eastern foot of the California’s Sierra in Big Pine, traveled north to Bridgeport and then roughly followed the CA / NV border back towards Mono Lake. From there, we rode back roads to Bishop. A fantastic place for a dual-sport ride!

One of the best resources that I found for the ride was the Ghost Town Explorers website. The sites owner has cataloged descriptions, locations and pictures of dozens of interesting mining related sites throughout California and Nevada.

Another great source of information on California’s history, including many articles on California’s gold mining towns and mining life is the Explore Historic California website. I found several articles on Bodie and Masonic, which really brought these ghost towns to life for me. Also, Roger, the sites owner was happy to provide me with several ideas and tips when I planned the route.